Learning from Travel

Nothing compares to looking out the oval airplane window, while the sun rises over the clouds. Listening to your favourite song as layers upon layers of clouds are painted by the colours of the sun- this feeling is unparalleled. Looking out you realize that you are passing over millions of people, thousands of towns, and a few continents to explore a new place. There are new memories to be made and new people to meet.

Lenses, Filters & Models

It's always important to keep pushing yourself to learn more about your own style as an artist as well as your camera. I will be uploading some more advanced classes over the next few months to further your in-camera photography skills!

Indeana UnderhillComment

Someone recently asked me for some "starting out" tips on photography. What do you do to start shooting something? How do you shoot something? Ect. Now these tips are what I am recommending, everyone has a different approach to learning!