Hawk Lens and Filter Tests

We just made some fun little tests one work day and I put them together above.

Filters are a big part of my learning experience at Vantage. Prior to this placement I didn’t think much of filters. 3000+ Filters, in house, many of their own creation. My favourite, The Bethke Effect, were recently used on Straight Out of Compton. Each is designed and manufactured by Heiko Bethke by hand at Vantage. They take from 1.5-3 hours to complete. Each are unique, beautiful and one of a kind. There are only three sets in the world right now and I was lucky enough to test them all out! This was one of the first things I did during my weeks at Vantage.

The purpose of these filters, I believe, is to add atmospheric colour and light to a scene to enhance the setting or mood. Flares are elongated and coloured dependent on the material used.

Of course, the effect is dependent on what focal length you choose, your aperture setting and how close or far the light source is from the lens and its angle.

Heiko Bethke tests all the lenses, builds some and repairs them if they are misaligned or broken. He can do anything- he is the superman of the technical world! I spent about an hour with him on the 1st day today doing camera tests with 25 different lenses that have been shipped back in. Some misaligned and some not. We went into a dark room, mounted each prime or zoom and attempted to focus it at 1 metre in length to see if it would be the sharpest at that point on the wall. He said travel is the hardest part for a lens, not use. So much vibration can cause the iris and aperture blades to become misaligned with the elements and rings (especially if vintage).