I love meeting new people, getting to know them and who they are as a person. I love making someone who was a stranger to me minutes a go, a close friend who I can relate to. There are so many fantastic people in the world that we pass by and don't ever see again. 

Maybe it is on a bus, a train, or on the street, but everyone is interesting and everyone has a story. That's why I love headshots! I am with a new person for around an hour each time. We only have a finite amount of time to get to know each other on and off camera. They may need a headshot because they are joining a council, going to auditions or just want a great photo of themselves! Whatever it is, they want the world to get to know them, one photo at a time. 

Last week, when I met Azeez, I could almost tell instantly that he was a funny guy. Very charismatic, relatable and enthusiastic! He wanted a headshot for his acting agency. He loves comedy and film and is trying to break out into the industry!

The more we talked, the more I could see how passionate he was about what he was doing. He had just attended some auditioning classes and was ready to start working! We took a variety of headshots, traditional and creative, that would be sent to his agency. All of them were just fantastic, because he totally knew how to work the camera. His smiles, laughs and stern faces all captured his charismatic persona and ambition!

Look out for Azeez, he just may be the next big thing!