Love is All Around

Since I have been back in Toronto this past month, lots of great things have happened. I have started my photography business and met with some amazing clients!

One set of clients I met with very early on was Claire & Albert. They came from Hong Kong a year ago to live in Canada. They were engaged to get married! I was hired to take photos for their engagement session in High Park when the cherry blossoms were in full bloom. I had a weekend to prep for the shoot. I was up at my cottage in Thornbury (30 minutes from Collingwood), north of Toronto. It was just my parents and I and although they consider themselves the most unphotogenic couple ever, I don't! 

If you know me, you know my parents. That's how it has always been. I've always been extremely close to them and so I thought they would be the perfect pair to practice photographing an engagement session. I had been watching and reading everything on about wedding and engagement photography. She provides the most fantastic tutorials and outlines for posing, lighting, framing and even what kit she uses. She completely opens herself up to other photographer who are looking at being as successful as her one day. 

So, I took the knowledge I had from previous work and applied it to Jasmine Star's advice and when I woke up on Saturday morning, I started an engagement shoot. We were shooting on a beach, so I picked my parent's outfits accordingly. Lots of linens, blues, browns, and neutral colours. Very naturalistic and romantic. 

We walked down to the beach and took a series of photographers over the span of 45 minutes. I posed them on the boardwalk, on the sand and by the dock with the boats. I tried just about every pose I thought of to see how I could reveal my parent's personality without compromising the engagement scenario. The set of photos I finally edited and showed them, I believe, are what my parents truly embody; love, laughter, spontaneity and connection. 

From working with my parents, I was able to develop my own creative style for engagement photographer without much pressure. Therefore, when I met with Claire and Albert the following week, I was excited to really develop a fantastic portfolio of photos for them!

We spent two hours together and I edited down almost 900 photos to 100 that I sent them. We photographed with the cherry blossoms, on benches, with trees, squirrels. 

Here are some of their final photos!

Two very different sets of photos but the main theme, which is always the theme for engagement photos, is love.