As Will and I roamed around Bathurst station on a Thursday afternoon in the Annex, looking for photo locations, we spoke about each other's backgrounds. He graduated as a civil engineer from school and now works as his school's ambassador and I can see why. Will is a smart and funny guy. I'm sure he can confidently lead a crowd of people with ease. So, this is exactly why he's going to be a stunt man. 

His brother has been a stunt man for a while now, belonging to the actor'sunion in Toronto. Will felt the energy and passion around what his brother was doing and had to get involved! So here are his head shots. 

As cliché as head shots can get, sometimes posing can feel awkward. I think of part of my job is making the person in front of the camera as comfortable as the person behind the camera. Will always made each photo I took unique with his bright smile and loud laughter breaking what would have been an average looking headshot. What do you see here? Confidence? Laughter? Happiness? I see Will.

Look out for Will in the biggest action sequences ever made, he'll be the cool guy walking away from an explosion.