Practice Time-lapse on the 5D & ML

In early May, I got a camera upgrade. I went from a 7D to 5D. This might mean nothing to a lot of people but the capability of this camera compared to the 7D is a dream come true. I immediately downloaded Magic Lantern on it. ML runs a new firmware on the camera, increasing its functionality by 4000000000000%. Okay, maybe not that much but to me, thats how much it matters. 

One of the things I am extremely excited about having on my camera is an intervalometer. This replaces a separate attachment you normally would have to buy where it "clicks" your camera for you. I have been wanting to try this for a while. 

Timelapses are created mostly with intervalometers because it enables you to program the camera to take 1 photo every x amount of seconds until you have enough frames to make up a film. So, if you are thinking about it, when you are watching a film, it is either 23.96 or 25 frames per second so if you have 24/25 photos that equals 1 second of screen time.

So, to get 10 seconds of screen time thats 250 photos you need to take to show gradual change. 

The variable for how many seconds you wait in between each photo taken is dependent on the subject you are taking the time-lapse of. I was doing A LOT of research before attempting it, and here is a nice table (that I will try and copy) from:

The recommended interval time (how many seconds between taking each photo) for starting on different subjects is (in brackets is the time required for 10 seconds of footage):

People in the City: 1 second (2.5 minutes)
Cumulus clouds: 2 seconds (10 minutes)
Cirrus Clouds: 5 seconds (25 minutes)
Stars at Night: 45 seconds (3.75 Hours)
Sun Panning in the Sky: 60 seconds (5 Hours)
Plant Seepings (watching a plant grow): 10 minutes (about 2 Days)

So, you can imagine how long it can take to get a really great time-lapse! This doesn't even start to explain what exposure to set it at if you are doing night time. So experimentation here we come.

Here is a (pretty bad) example of one of the timelapses I did to test out timelapses and the intervalometer! Shot at Riverdale Park for 1.5 hours.

I am going to try and improve my timelapse skills this summer and get creative with it! Hopefully, by the end of August, I'll be able to show you a really fantastic one!

Hope you learned something new!