Lenses, Filters & Models



Hello hello!

I hope your new year so far is filled with lots of learning and capturing these winter months- wherever you may be! It's always important to keep pushing yourself to learn more about your own style as an artist as well as your camera. I will be uploading some more advanced classes over the next few months to further your in-camera photography skills! If you haven't checked out all of my beginner classes thus far, here is a rundown of some of the ones that may be beneficial!


Lens Choice: A Beginner's Guide

This class is perfect for anyone looking at what a lens is, how it functions and what it does to your image. It covers the A- Z of focal lengths, primes and zooms and is a great introduction to the subject which will leave you wanting to do your own tests. We do a portrait comparison test with different focal lengths as well as a technical explanations to help you with a well-rounded approach to lens choice.


Advanced Lens Choice

The follow- up class, Changing your Model's Features, is a more advanced approach that deals with choosing a lens and its relationship to the height of the camera to either heighten or subside your model's features. This is great for anyone looking to go the next step further and learn a quick tip that will change your subject's features within the camera. We set up a portrait test to compare and contrast the effects on different focal lengths as well as critically analyze the images to interpret the different moods the photos have.


Lenses 101: Shooting with Primes

Shooting with Primes is all about prime lenses. What exactly is a prime lens? How does it differ from a zoom and why would you want to shoot with one? We talk through a portrait shoot with different primes comparing their effects and our relationship to our subject. We also discuss how we would select primes for a shoot and what different primes can do to your image. It's the go-to class for prime lenses!


Lenses 101: Creativity with Vintage Lenses & DIY Filters

This final class is the DIY approach to selecting lenses and filters. How do we get creative effects in camera with our lenses? We speak about special effects we can get with unique lenses and how to get creative with at home materials to give our images a different mood or creative effect. This is perfect for anyone looking to add an effect in camera as well as experiment before they get to post production.

In addition to these, I have my original beginner classes focused on the general settings of the camera and developing your portfolio.

Automatic to Manual Mode: The 3 Things You Need to Know

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to post a discussion on the class page! I am happy to critique your photos from these classes if you need help too!

Happy Shooting! x