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Contemporary Corporate Headshots

Recently, I was able to visit my friend Sheena in New Haven, Connecticut for a few days and sit in on one of her classes. She is currently an instructor in the Sherwin B. Nuland Summer Institute in Bioethics at Yale University for the summer. 

Sheena and I met back in November when we were both working Germany. She was my Airbnb host and it was a match made in friendship heaven! Since she is back on North American soil, developing her website while her book is going through editing- we decided to update her headshots.

The Yale campus was a perfect place to shoot with its abundancy of Ivy and old brick. We shot using natural light, using lighter sidewalks and walls as bounces. Occasionally we turned away from the sun, using some of it as backlight to bring out her hair and the sidewalk bouncing light back into her face.





Mushrooms, Waldsassen & Zoigl

There are places in the woods you may never find yourself. Deep in the green mossy thick of it, each step sinking you deeper and deeper into the earth. You may look up at the blinding light coming through the trees and notice just how tall they are. You may wonder what the view from the top is really like and realize how dark it is where you are, at the roots of those trees. At these stems are mushrooms and lots of them. That’s what a trip to the woods is like in rural Bavaria. Between Walsassen and Tirschenreuth, paths guide you into the forest where different mushrooms flourish. As we walk down a path, an old man has his woven basket and a small knife. He says this is his seventh time out here in the past two weeks, each time his basket is full to the brim. However, he doesn’t eat them, he gives them away. He just enjoys being in the thick of it.

It seems mushroom picking is a very popular hobby in these parts. However, I’ve been warned multiple times it’s not just for anyone. You need to know what you are looking for, the good and the bad. What the underbelly of a mushroom looks like and whether or not that may kill you the day after you have eaten it. Sometimes that is the only differentiating factor. There are many deaths each year in Bavaria from family’s dying because they have eaten poisonous mushrooms and I think my lens will put me at a safe distance from being one of those numbers myself.

On each side of our trip into the forest, we visited two towns. Waldsassen is famous for its beautiful library which took 22 years and 18 helpers to finish. You wouldn’t think much of such a small town but when you witness the beauty behind its history- you’ll think again. The library is carved out of wood and displays the 7 deadly sins in real life characters that guard each side of the four doors. It also has many pubs which carry “Zoigl” which is only brewed in this specific area of Bavaria. It is displayed by two overlapping triangles resembling a star (similar to the Star of David) which represent the six ingredients used to make the beer. Tirschenreuth is home to one of the oldest bridges in Bavaria and was recently redone with a large green space wrapping around the town hall. Off to the side of this new green space is an old truck, missing its doors, windshield and engine. Replacing it are flowers, leaves, nests and roots. 

You would never know that each of these towns hold such history and beauty. Unfortunately, I believe that’s the case for the majority of places we normally wouldn’t visit or wouldn’t know of. So, hopefully on your next drive to a major city, you will be able to stop at some smaller towns on the way to appreciate what may make them special for you.

Inde x

Nisha & Emran: 2 Hours to the Beginning

I have had the pleasure to shoot many beautiful people over the past few months. However, two people stand out to me more than the rest and their names are Nisha and Emran. Beside them both literally being a beautiful couple, they hold something much more compelling between each other, love. They got married at the beginning of the summer with friends and family at Emran's family home. A small ceremony of 40 (if that!). I had the pleasure of photographing their special day and something even more special, their bond.

Now, normally, I'm not the biggest softie when it comes to love, marriage and all that jazz. Nisha and Emran have something different. Their love and affection for one another is quirky as much as it is loyal. They walk at the same pace, their gazes are held just for that extra moment and their laughs are like yawns, undoubtably contagious. 

When we met with Nisha and Emran on a hot morning in August, 3 months after their wedding, they brought the same excitement, joy and passion for each other that they had on their special day. In between shots, whilst walking around the park to find another location, Emran would be watching Nisha's sari drag along the forest floor. His eyes were glued to the ground, making sure she was always out of harm's way. Nisha couldn't care less about it getting dirty though, her laugh was loud and playful as she teased Emran by letting it drag longer in the leaves. The best part about this shoot was that right after, they were hopping in "more comfortable clothing" (Nisha's words not mine!) and going fishing!

I did two separate shoots with them, their wedding and their portraits. This second shoot can truly explain their connection and why it makes me extremely happy. Their photos are my favourite photos because without a good subject or two in front of your lens, there is no real story. Therefore, let me introduce you to the beginning of Nisha and Emran's story- I know it will be a long one.

Inde x