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Choosing the Destination

Beginning to travel was hard. You have to be in a specific, almost spontaneous, mindset to actually book a flight and go! Even now, I make sure to do all my research prior to even booking a flight. Why? Because although a flight may be cheap, the accommodation may not be. 

For example, I was looking at visiting Venice last month because Ryanair had 20 euro return flights from Berlin. However the cheaper options for accommodation (even the hostels) were located away from the centre and were not what I would consider to be a cheap option (all were above 25 euros/night). The cheapest option was 16 euros but it was to share a tent outdoors (yeah, you don't even get the tent to yourself). That had to be one of the more interesting hostel offers I have seen.

So, before you book that cheap flight, do your research. Most of us only do the research once a flight is booked because we are choosing destination over price point. Of course I have my ultimate travel list. However, I often find myself exploring new and exciting places that I hadn't even thought of before. Don't be afraid to add new places to your bucket list! Do the unexpected and visit a place you never thought you would find yourself in. 

I find most of my inspiration on Instagram's explore page. It's how I found the Faroe Islands and I owe a lot of my travel starting points to that explore page. If you are ever looking for some sort of travel inspiration, head over there. Follow a few travel accounts and you explore page will soon be filled with beautiful awe-inspiring inspiration. 

Going to my saved links on Instagram- here are my most recent followed accounts and the photos I fell in love with. You can click on each image to see each account's feed.

As Instagram's algorithm knows I like travel and adventure- most of my suggested photos are in that category. New places to visit and new experiences to have. For instance, since I am living in Berlin for a few months right now and looking for German travel- I am seeing many photos of small Bavarian towns to visit. 

Screen Shot 2017-07-02 at 2.53.30 PM.png

One of my favourite German accounts currently for inspiration is @srs_germany

The funniest part is sometimes I have entire trips planned within 2 hours while lying in bed within the dark. I'll find a place on Instagram and go to the geotag, do a bit of photo research and start looking at the possibility of getting there. Flight prices, dates, accommodation, things to do. All while in my bed trying to fall asleep. Maybe I won't book it but for me, I won't forget that place and the travel facts for later on. 

Work with what you have. I am trying to live on a budget at the moment and so for my travel, I can't stop but I also have to look within reach. What countries are surrounding me? Where is cheap? What airlines have flight sales on? The part I love about endless travel is I have no idea where I will be in 3 months. Honestly. I have no idea. I have some ideas in mind, some of which I have already starting planning for- Nepal, Egypt, Brussels, Qatar or Germany. However, with research and a bit of planning where I can- everything always works out, somehow. 

So, if you are like me, you will have a generous list of places you want to go. However, if you are also like me and only have a specific budget to work with, you need to prioritize what is possible at the moment. Sure, it won't be your 1st place on the list but look at the possibilities. Any travel is a blessing and there is so much of the world that you have to discover, #1 can be later on your list while you discover another, more affordable and just as exciting part of the world.

One of my best friends, Sheena, is always my travel inspiration because she has been an incredible number of places. When we first met and were living together, she left for a few days to Macedonia for the sole reason that it was 2 euros. Yeah, 2 euros. In my mind, that is undoubtedly an incredible trip already planned in my head. Okay, Macedonia, I have no idea what's there, what the weather is like, how I get around but its 2 euros- let's read every single article about Macedonia to find out what exactly is incredible about the place. 

And this is exactly how we learn to travel and learn to be excited, absorbing every possible piece of information about cultures and countries we never thought we would find ourselves in. 

So, let's look for your next travel destination.

Where do we start?

A few websites I find myself for inspiration: 


Looking at my options for destinations by price point. Select Fare Finder to search for cheapest seats by destionation.

Sign up for an account and subscribe to their email notifications when they do flight sales for even better discounts! Book in advance for the cheapest seats and check during the first week of every month for new seats added. Signing up for an account with them also allows you to keep booked trips organized.


Of course we know Instagram. I solely use it for my saved links page and adding to my bucket list. I will look at Geotags for the places and see if they are close. If not, they are added to my bucket list.

Google Trip Planner

For more of the exotic, far away inspiration to add to the list. It will also give you low and high shoulder prices and map out the cheapest flights for each destination. I mostly use it as a guide rather than my legitimate planner.

The Man in Seat 61

A fantastic look at train travel around the world. How do we get from here to there? Sometimes the journey is the destination. I have planned entire trips (but not booked yet!) through the ideas on this website including the Trans-Siberian railway. A 7 day journey from Russia to China. Read about it here and just look at how incredible this will be! This is also an incredible website to read, read and read- it never seems to end! It's the best!

So, instead of Netflix, put your scrolling time dedicated to the beauty of finding Travel Photography that continues to inspire you to expand your mind and look forward to a new adventure. Look at your price point and book a destination off that- not the other way around and you may surprise yourself!

Inde x