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Looking at the Stars

Right now, I am trying to learn everything I possibly can about photography. From hyperfocal distance in nature photography to the creation of the sun using an off-camera flash, I want to learn it all. I have put aside filmmaking for a bit and tried to focus on true photography. Taking a photo in the moment. Not creating the moment anymore. 

One of the main things I am quite excited about is...

Astrophotography 101 (all from

I think I spent about 6 hours one afternoon just reading and noting down everything I possibly could to make sense of the stars above us and capturing them. I couldn't wait to try it out and see what I could capture. I brought my camera and tripod to a bonfire my friend Jesse was having in her backyard. Of course, it was in Toronto and therefore, the amount of light pollution meant I wouldn't be able to see anything but.... I thought I'd give it a shot. (I won't show you this photo. It is so bad that I can't even look at it.) 

That weekend I went up to my cottage near Collingwood (about a 2 hour drive from Toronto). My boyfriend and I went out around 1:30am and tried to take some shots in the remote parts of the forest on the back of his truck. Initially, I was terrified to be in the darkest and most remote place in the country. I couldn't see my hand in front of my face but fortunately, as soon as I saw the types of photos I was able to capture on my camera's LCD screen, I was too preoccupied to worry about what small animal is probably lurking right next to me. 

Here is just one of the photos!


This is something I wasn't even able to see with my own eyes. I had my shutter set to 30' and so I waited patiently until I heard the final click. Once I looked at my small LCD screen I looked up at the sky in a whole new way. It was the most incredible feeling to see things you never thought were even in reach. Everything becomes so close to you. 

My final settings for my Canon 5D Mark III on a 14mm Rokinon f/2.8 lens was:

Shutter Speed: 36 seconds, Aperture: F2.8 on Infinity, ISO: 3200

I played around with this quite a bit to get different exposures and effects. Take a look at the lonelyspeck website because they cover EVERYTHING. I hope to get out to more remote locations this summer to take more of these photos because it is completely inspiring!