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Nisha & Emran: 2 Hours to the Beginning

I have had the pleasure to shoot many beautiful people over the past few months. However, two people stand out to me more than the rest and their names are Nisha and Emran. Beside them both literally being a beautiful couple, they hold something much more compelling between each other, love. They got married at the beginning of the summer with friends and family at Emran's family home. A small ceremony of 40 (if that!). I had the pleasure of photographing their special day and something even more special, their bond.

Now, normally, I'm not the biggest softie when it comes to love, marriage and all that jazz. Nisha and Emran have something different. Their love and affection for one another is quirky as much as it is loyal. They walk at the same pace, their gazes are held just for that extra moment and their laughs are like yawns, undoubtably contagious. 

When we met with Nisha and Emran on a hot morning in August, 3 months after their wedding, they brought the same excitement, joy and passion for each other that they had on their special day. In between shots, whilst walking around the park to find another location, Emran would be watching Nisha's sari drag along the forest floor. His eyes were glued to the ground, making sure she was always out of harm's way. Nisha couldn't care less about it getting dirty though, her laugh was loud and playful as she teased Emran by letting it drag longer in the leaves. The best part about this shoot was that right after, they were hopping in "more comfortable clothing" (Nisha's words not mine!) and going fishing!

I did two separate shoots with them, their wedding and their portraits. This second shoot can truly explain their connection and why it makes me extremely happy. Their photos are my favourite photos because without a good subject or two in front of your lens, there is no real story. Therefore, let me introduce you to the beginning of Nisha and Emran's story- I know it will be a long one.

Inde x