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Ode to Ed's

Toronto is full of many historical buildings and landmarks. It's known for its diverse neighbourhoods, full of culture and colour. One of those landmarks, however, is closing this year. If you are from Toronto you have probably heard, Honest Ed's is closing its doors at the end of December of this year. 

For me, Honest Ed's has been a place to retreat to in high school, get lost in and come out with cheap DVD's, scented candles, laser pointers and weird one piece PJ's for 99 cents. Since I am back in Toronto for two weeks, I thought I would visit one last time. 

It had already started to be cleared out. The basement becoming a Fabricland that used to house fabulous signs in a small supermarket.  Now, the packing boxes are in the corners and it is looking empty as ever. It's important we remember these places, true to what Toronto represents- community.

One little anecdote from my experiences there:

When I was 15 I had such a fond perspective at Ed's that I went to apply for my first job there. I interviewed in the corner of the 3rd floor shoe area in this small office that I never knew existed. I met with the manager of women's department and he proceeded to ask me why I wanted to work there. My answer was pretty solid- I loved shopping there and I love the community surrounding it's tradition and heritage. I'll never forget the tiny office that I had never noticed until that day and the separate entrance through a vault on the side of the building where there were still punch cards for the employees!

Goodbye Honest Ed's- it was fun! x