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Contemporary Corporate Headshots

Recently, I was able to visit my friend Sheena in New Haven, Connecticut for a few days and sit in on one of her classes. She is currently an instructor in the Sherwin B. Nuland Summer Institute in Bioethics at Yale University for the summer. 

Sheena and I met back in November when we were both working Germany. She was my Airbnb host and it was a match made in friendship heaven! Since she is back on North American soil, developing her website while her book is going through editing- we decided to update her headshots.

The Yale campus was a perfect place to shoot with its abundancy of Ivy and old brick. We shot using natural light, using lighter sidewalks and walls as bounces. Occasionally we turned away from the sun, using some of it as backlight to bring out her hair and the sidewalk bouncing light back into her face.