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Getting Started

Someone recently asked me for some "starting out" tips on photography. What do you do to start shooting something? How do you shoot something? Ect. Now these tips are what I am recommending, everyone has a different approach to learning!

Here are some of my tips if you love photography and want to shoot more that you are happy with:
- Learn what you love about photography and what subjects you want to start shooting in! (Is it nature, street, landscape, time-lapse, portraiture, newborn ect.) I use for the most fantastic seminars on all aspects of photography. Check out their website for live feeds and if you missed them, go to their YouTube channel for quick summaries. 

- Learn the basics of your camera in manual mode (only manual mode). Restrict yourself to using the "M" dial of your camera from now on. Learn about shutter speed, aperture (depth of field too!), ISO, white balance ect.

- Once you have learned via book and internet and playing around, GO OUT AND SHOOT! Bring your camera everywhere and shoot everything you love. Get home, get an editing software and edit like crazy. Something I learned recently is that taking the photo is only 75% of the final photo. The photo is really done once you have brought it into your software, played around with your shadows, highlights, colours, foreground, background and choose stylistic features that set your photography apart from others! (I use Lightroom and Photoshop to edit all my photos.)
- Critique your own work. Go through the reject pile of your photos and see what you like and don't like. 

- Your phone is a camera. Think of your phone from now on as a camera and wear it as an accessory all day every day and start looking up more, down more, all around more and get off snapchat. This will help you not only discover the world around you, but discover what you love about it. Find interesting things you haven't seen before. There have been 1 or 2 days in the past month that I didn't bring my camera out with me and I regretted it so much. There is always a sunset to photograph, there are always interesting people in the city and there is always a moment that needs capturing. So bring your camera everywhere.

- If you work 9-5 and can't bring your camera with you, set time aside each week to photograph something new. Maybe its 30 minutes, maybe its 4 hours or an afternoon out on a Saturday. Find a reason to bring your camera out and you'll be experiencing new things in return.

- Shoot a variety of stuff. Don't just shoot the top of a skyscrape from across the street, go right in front go the glass building and put your camera on the glass and aim it up and see what happens. Take a different approach with multiple risks in framing and composition. 

-Learn from the photographer's you love. Take a photo you like of theirs and mimic it through composition and exposure to get the same thematic feel. Don't always do this but use it as a way to experiment with your own style. 

-Get a few friends you admire and have a photoshoot with them! Everyone is more comfortable with their friends so use that to your advantage and do some cool shots that you wouldn't dare try with strangers!

-READ READ READ! Never stop reading about photography, watching films, going to art exhibitions. Immerse yourself in culture and people and you will never stop being inspired by everyday's little things.

This should get anyone started that wants to photograph more!
The key in two words is: GO SHOOT! NOW! (okay maybe three. depending on how reluctant you are to shoot.)

I will post more on technical stuff and kit in the next few days.

Happy shooting!
Inde x

Shoot, Eat, Repeat at #TasteofToronto

Have I ever said how great Toronto is in the summer? I mean, it's great all year round but in the summer, you can't stay indoors- there are so many festivals- film, food, music, photography and celebration. 
One of the festivals I had the great privilege of covering was Taste of Toronto! If you don't know what Taste of Toronto is and you are a foodie- listen up! Taste of Toronto brings together the best restaurants, vendors, chefs and their teams into small boutiques in one location for a weekend. That's right- the greatest food, plenty of it, in one location for a whole weekend! 


It's in its 2nd year running and what a success! I have never enjoyed devouring 3x my body weight in food for 4 days straight more and capturing all of it. I have always grown up quite a picky eater, any of my friends and their families know this. So, at Taste of Toronto, it was my first time trying quite a few things- this included lobster, shrimp, caviar, scallops, duck, tuna tartare and uni. & to be honest, I loved it, every bite- because having a dish prepared by one of the finest establishments by one of the greatest chefs is an honour to eat.

It was also my first time shooting a food festival and focusing on food photography and food production. It was great to get behind-the-scenes and meet all the creative and ingenious chefs, cooks and creative teams behind these fantastic dishes and restaurants. So, if you are a foodie- I hope you make your way down to Taste of Toronto next year for a sampling of what Toronto has to offer!

Here is a small album of my select favourites from the festival. 

Inde x

Beginning to Retouch

It's been a busy few weeks! Recently, I have been focusing on the world of post-processing in Photoshop- specifically high-end retouching (which I will share my before and afters soon!). I have been following an online class from CreativeLive here:…/art-business-high-end-retouc…
It has been super helpful because it shows a mix of tutorials and theories from not only the retoucher, Pratik Naik but from a photographer's perspective as well. Relationships are so important between creatives. With these classes, getting an example of how these two work together on and off set when retouching an image is a fantastic way to look at any relationship in almost any industry. If you are looking to get into editing more and interested in retouching, definitely, 100% check it out!

In addition to learning about retouching in Photoshop, I have been exploring plugins and textures to add to your photos. After an online seminar with Kathleen Clemons (also from CL) about Fine Art Flower Photography- it opened up a world of inspiration and possibility. After the class, I went straight to the Toronto Botanical Gardens and shot about 300 photos of various flowers and plants. I took 10 of my favourite and stayed up to 5 am that night trying out everything I have learnt.

So, I present to you my first attempts at completely changing my method of creative editing. Here are the before and after photos from the Nature shoot. (Portrait Retouching to come later on!)