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2 Girls, 1 Dog & a Weekend in Prague

What do you do when you are two hours away from the Czech border? Drive to Prague of course! Sheena and I decided to do a road trip to Prague for halloween weekend. Sheena has been probably around 15 times before but for me, it was my first time! As well, working at Vantage, I had the opportunity to visit the Prague offices and stay in the apartment above! Can you say amazing?!

We took off on Friday after work with Bodhi in the car and a bag full of snacks! We popped in a 2003 Much Dance CD from back in the day and we were on the way! Sheena spoke about all the things we could do during the weekend, where we should go eat and see.

We packed our weekend with sight-seeing, long sit down breakfasts and visits to Halloween related tours!

Some highlights from the trip include:

- Spa Beerland where we enjoyed bathing in beer for an hour whilst enjoying beer bread and an unlimited tap. 

-Cafe Savoy was one of the best breakfast places I have ever been to. A must visit for anyone who appreciates food and gourmet breakfast. Sheena and I ordered so much that the waiter had an issue fitting it all on the table. One thing that sums up the meal: fried eggs with black truffle shavings. 

-Sedlec Ossuary is a chapel which has been decorated with over 40,000 skeletons from the plague. Very creepy to see but also interesting- who were these people and what were their stories?

-For a Halloween themed event, we did an underground ghost tour in central Prague which took us to the torture chambers beneath Old Town Square. We didn't see any ghosts but it was extremely dark and scary!

-Our visit to the Coyote Ugly bar where we got to see a fiery dance routine based off the film. Also includes the B52's we had which were not in fact on fire and resembled more of a sad alcoholic beverage not of our choosing.

All in all it was a fantastic trip where two canadians and a dog ate a ton of food, enjoyed some great fall weather and celebrated Halloween in one of the largest cities in Europe!

Enjoy some photos recapping our trip!

- Inde x