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Beginning to Retouch

It's been a busy few weeks! Recently, I have been focusing on the world of post-processing in Photoshop- specifically high-end retouching (which I will share my before and afters soon!). I have been following an online class from CreativeLive here:…/art-business-high-end-retouc…
It has been super helpful because it shows a mix of tutorials and theories from not only the retoucher, Pratik Naik but from a photographer's perspective as well. Relationships are so important between creatives. With these classes, getting an example of how these two work together on and off set when retouching an image is a fantastic way to look at any relationship in almost any industry. If you are looking to get into editing more and interested in retouching, definitely, 100% check it out!

In addition to learning about retouching in Photoshop, I have been exploring plugins and textures to add to your photos. After an online seminar with Kathleen Clemons (also from CL) about Fine Art Flower Photography- it opened up a world of inspiration and possibility. After the class, I went straight to the Toronto Botanical Gardens and shot about 300 photos of various flowers and plants. I took 10 of my favourite and stayed up to 5 am that night trying out everything I have learnt.

So, I present to you my first attempts at completely changing my method of creative editing. Here are the before and after photos from the Nature shoot. (Portrait Retouching to come later on!)