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At the beginning of July, I met with Richard and his girlfriend downtown at the Toronto Harbourfront boardwalk. Richard is currently a valet and wanted to have some head shots so he could gradually get into print modelling and the creative side of things. As we took photos during golden hour, we tried to have a contrast in the variety of backdrops we shot at. 
We went to the water, the surrounding parks, the marina and a nearby bridge. Although they were from just outside Toronto, they came down to shoot at this great location, before heading out for a nice dinner. Anyone familiar with the Harbourfront knows that whatever direction you shoot from, there are endless possibilities. Shooting south and you get the lake as a backdrop whereas shooting north, the CN tower fills your frame- move a little more east or west to adjust your natural lighting at that time of the day and you have some magnificent frames. 
I wanted to provide Richard with a full spectrum of photos that would encompass any scenario in which he would have to submit photos. Although he said he felt quite stiff and nervous at first, when I looked through my viewfinder at him, he was calm and collected. He had a charming smile and wasn't afraid to pose with locals and tourists around.
He's professional, intelligent, intriguing and has a great smile. I think that will be the key to Richard's future success in whichever path he chooses to follow in the industry.