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100 Hours in Martha's Vineyard

In August, I had the chance to visit the infamous Martha’s Vineyard. You may know it as the whale shaped island off the coast of Massachusetts in the USA that is known for its beautiful summer vacationing and where Obama spends his summers. But, if you are like me, you’ll know it as the filming location for Jaws. My friend Jesse has vacationed here every summer since she was a child and (finally!) invited me along to spend a few days between work to check it out and as always, take some photos. 

We drove down on a warm summer morning, leaving her house in Toronto for a 9 hour drive filled with a cooler full of snacks, an empty memory card for photos and a car with 8 seats packed full of beach balls, clothes and blankets. Since Martha’s Vineyard is an island, the 9 hour drive ends at a ferry port. You load the car onto a ferry which takes about 30 minutes and arrives at the wondrous exhibition of all things summer. Yes, Martha’s Vineyard embodies everything you hope a summer vacation place would. Margaritas, Beaches, Seaside Life, Boats, Sun, Laughter, and most importantly, food (lots of it too!). 

There were two places that I explored the most during my (short) time there; Oak Bluffs and Edgartown. Let me explain by my definition of each. Oak Bluffs is the equivalent to Universal Studios’ City Walk. Lots of cheap alcohol and themed restaurants all packed from morning to evening with tourists from all over. A few rides here and there, some concerts, fireworks and entertainment overload. Edgartown is quite the opposite, its exactly like Universal Studios’ main park but the subsection where the Jaws ride used to live (RIP Jaws ride- you will always be my favourite). 

Side Note: You know why the Jaws ride was my favourite? It was one of those fake guided tour rides where you explore Captain Brody’s home town and see the famous landmarks where Jaws killed people and things… yet it turns into a horrible, tragic accident where Jaws 2.0 (an animatronic shark who I was scared s***less of) comes out of the water multiple times and tries to eat your boat. After 3 or 4 visits to the ride, you know the lines, the story and the best scare moments. So, instead of looking out at the ride when you are on the boat, you would look onto the parents who would bring their young children (there was no minimum age to ride) and sit them at the side where the shark would jump up. Since you were trapped inside for the duration of the ride, you would watch as the parents had a moment of realization that this ride may not in fact be for their 3 year old child. Screaming inside and a lot of laughter from the back of the boat where my parents and I would reside and kick back. Now that’s all gone and everything is kid-friendly- blah boring… but I digress.

So, Edgartown is like the beginning of that ride where everything is peachy keen and perfect. Beautiful white picketed fences, manicured lawns, colourful flowers and colonial, traditional Americana houses group together to form a neighbourhood unlike any other in America. 

Each wouldn’t really be able to exist without the other- Edgartown would be too pretentious and Oak Bluffs would be too touristy but because they coexist its the perfect place to let your wild side out at Oak Bluffs and have your morning coffee in Edgartown at one of the many quaint but beautiful shops about.

In each of my 4 days, I practiced different things with my camera. We biked everywhere so at most I carried a travel tripod, an ND filter, a body and my 50mm 1.4, 24-105mm f4 lenses. I used Jesse as my model (as per usual) and practiced retouching at night, some astrophotography and landscape shots for my stock photography collection. 

I hope you can catch a glimpse of what Martha’s Vineyard is like from the photos below!


Inde x

Shoot, Eat, Repeat at #TasteofToronto

Have I ever said how great Toronto is in the summer? I mean, it's great all year round but in the summer, you can't stay indoors- there are so many festivals- film, food, music, photography and celebration. 
One of the festivals I had the great privilege of covering was Taste of Toronto! If you don't know what Taste of Toronto is and you are a foodie- listen up! Taste of Toronto brings together the best restaurants, vendors, chefs and their teams into small boutiques in one location for a weekend. That's right- the greatest food, plenty of it, in one location for a whole weekend! 


It's in its 2nd year running and what a success! I have never enjoyed devouring 3x my body weight in food for 4 days straight more and capturing all of it. I have always grown up quite a picky eater, any of my friends and their families know this. So, at Taste of Toronto, it was my first time trying quite a few things- this included lobster, shrimp, caviar, scallops, duck, tuna tartare and uni. & to be honest, I loved it, every bite- because having a dish prepared by one of the finest establishments by one of the greatest chefs is an honour to eat.

It was also my first time shooting a food festival and focusing on food photography and food production. It was great to get behind-the-scenes and meet all the creative and ingenious chefs, cooks and creative teams behind these fantastic dishes and restaurants. So, if you are a foodie- I hope you make your way down to Taste of Toronto next year for a sampling of what Toronto has to offer!

Here is a small album of my select favourites from the festival. 

Inde x


At the beginning of July, I met with Richard and his girlfriend downtown at the Toronto Harbourfront boardwalk. Richard is currently a valet and wanted to have some head shots so he could gradually get into print modelling and the creative side of things. As we took photos during golden hour, we tried to have a contrast in the variety of backdrops we shot at. 
We went to the water, the surrounding parks, the marina and a nearby bridge. Although they were from just outside Toronto, they came down to shoot at this great location, before heading out for a nice dinner. Anyone familiar with the Harbourfront knows that whatever direction you shoot from, there are endless possibilities. Shooting south and you get the lake as a backdrop whereas shooting north, the CN tower fills your frame- move a little more east or west to adjust your natural lighting at that time of the day and you have some magnificent frames. 
I wanted to provide Richard with a full spectrum of photos that would encompass any scenario in which he would have to submit photos. Although he said he felt quite stiff and nervous at first, when I looked through my viewfinder at him, he was calm and collected. He had a charming smile and wasn't afraid to pose with locals and tourists around.
He's professional, intelligent, intriguing and has a great smile. I think that will be the key to Richard's future success in whichever path he chooses to follow in the industry.