Shoot, Eat, Repeat at #TasteofToronto

Have I ever said how great Toronto is in the summer? I mean, it's great all year round but in the summer, you can't stay indoors- there are so many festivals- film, food, music, photography and celebration. 
One of the festivals I had the great privilege of covering was Taste of Toronto! If you don't know what Taste of Toronto is and you are a foodie- listen up! Taste of Toronto brings together the best restaurants, vendors, chefs and their teams into small boutiques in one location for a weekend. That's right- the greatest food, plenty of it, in one location for a whole weekend! 


It's in its 2nd year running and what a success! I have never enjoyed devouring 3x my body weight in food for 4 days straight more and capturing all of it. I have always grown up quite a picky eater, any of my friends and their families know this. So, at Taste of Toronto, it was my first time trying quite a few things- this included lobster, shrimp, caviar, scallops, duck, tuna tartare and uni. & to be honest, I loved it, every bite- because having a dish prepared by one of the finest establishments by one of the greatest chefs is an honour to eat.

It was also my first time shooting a food festival and focusing on food photography and food production. It was great to get behind-the-scenes and meet all the creative and ingenious chefs, cooks and creative teams behind these fantastic dishes and restaurants. So, if you are a foodie- I hope you make your way down to Taste of Toronto next year for a sampling of what Toronto has to offer!

Here is a small album of my select favourites from the festival. 

Inde x