One summer I was able to attend the Taste of Toronto food festival at the historic Fort York in downtown Toronto. However, it was my first year attending and I went as a house photographer. As everyone knows, I am a massive foodie. Most of my travels involve finding the next place to eat at. Therefore, this was a complete dream to photograph.

Some of the best Toronto restaurants, vendors and small businesses create food stalls with kitchens behind them and serve 3-4 mini dishes that best represent their menu and palette. I made it my priority to work behind the scenes within the kitchens to see the preparation and presentation of each dish. When you have the best of something, it means you have an incredibly talented and dedicated team of people working behind the scenes. 

It was my first time working as a true voyeuristic photographer. Not getting in their way, letting the action play out until I got the rhythm of it and could jump in. I wanted to not only pick up on the happenings in each kitchen but also the presentation of these fabulous dishes in paper plates. After most chefs served me the dish to photograph in perfect presentation, of course, they had me taste it with them. I was able to do the three things I love; shooting, learning and eating.  

Photograph what you love in life and you'll be dedicated to finding a unique perspective in your own photographic oeuvre.