The Bavarian woods are the forests you dream of. Thick, luscious greenery and the ability to lose yourself within the long roads that wind in and out of them. One afternoon in November, I found myself in the middle of them near the Waldsassen chapel. Something that always interested me was the mushroom hunting in Germany. How do you find them? What ones won't kill you?

While we were walking on a long path deeper into the woods, a man popped out from the forest with a basket of these mushrooms. So, we went off the beaten path and I began to focus on finding these mushrooms. Once you really started looking, you could find plenty of them. 100s of different kinds. 

With this album of photographs, I wanted to show the difference in the vast Bavarian landscapes to a singularity within the entire forest. Because I wanted to focus on these mushrooms naturally in the woods, I shot on macros and tighter lenses. I also did my post processing in monochrome. To give it a punch, I inverted the highlights and played with the red curve.