My first time shooting bands was for NXNE festival in Toronto, back in 2015. It was an incredible experience meeting the bands off stage and seeing how their personas on stage changed for their art. I shot 20 bands that week in 6 different venues. With no time to scout out the venues beforehand, I had to rely on mostly zoom lenses, maxing out my ISO level before any real noticeable noise began (around 2000 with a 5D), and looking at the lighting cues. In most venues, it was artificial light in pure darkness and at 159 Manning (a house turned into a massive party for the week), it was all daylight. Having to compensate for the contrast in different scenarios without compromising aesthetic or misrepresentation of an artist is an interesting challenge. You have time, lighting, equipment and colour restraints in place. In these scenarios, I believe its important to ask yourself how you can push past the limits placed in front of you to still create a partnership between your art and theirs.