When I was scrounging for more photos for this album I realized it was okay to have just a few representing what I love about Toronto- my past memories. Seeing the city come alive at night, riding late night red streetcars and visiting somewhere I called home- Honest Ed's. 

Toronto is a very unique city in that it is small enough to walk but large enough to represent a wide variety of cultures without them getting lost in the mix. One of my favourite places I would go during high school was a place called Honest Ed's. It had everything in it for extremely cheap places. Everyone in Toronto knew about Honest Ed's and how it would light up the neighbourhood with its 100 of old bulbs lining the outside. They had announced it was closing at the end of the year. As a long standing family business, it represents the community, tradition and the history of our city to no end. 

What I hoped to capture in Honest Ed's was a last look at the crazy, the history and the tradition which makes it a metaphor for Toronto. Walking around for the last time around the store, it was apparent that this was a last look. Soon everything would be empty and gone. I went through the store and took photos of the places I would find myself. Including the supermarket in the basement for the beautiful signs everywhere and the men's clothing area for band t-shirts and wool socks. Lastly, the knick-knack area at the front of the store for random things you never thought you needed but somehow purchased. For me, these were going to be the photos no one had taken before because they thought it would always be around. It was a representation for me as a last look and a memory for me to hold on to.